Wednesday, 22 September 2010

N.K.N - Todd Lynn photo's in the bin

Much to my disappointment after sneaking into the back row of Todd Lyn's 'Genesis Redux' SS11 show, my SLR got overly excited and couldn't handle his sleek and sci-fi springtime bots, as they strutted the lengths of the catwalk.

Instead of capturing some signiture Lynn tailoring, coupled with Louboutin heel flash, it burst into flames.

No, not really, but the sum of the house lights, other photographer's flashes and the fact that I was at the back, was all too much for my already tired Nikon. With an already bleached-out from winter colour palette, and bleached eyebrows, my camera simply couldn't keep up with Lynn's clean-cut detail.

However I kept one photograph for artistic delight. Lynn's look might have been lost, but slightly side-angled silhouette remains. Unedited and unlucky.

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