Monday 20 September 2010

Fashion Fringe 2010, exclusively with Alice Palmer

Over the past few months I've been closely working with knitwear designer Alice Palmer and her S/S 11 'Fossil Warrior' collection for Fashion Fringe 2010.

Following on from her A/W 10 'Batman' collection, Palmer's successful application is one of the first knitwear-based in the competition and although not her first attempt to apply, Palmer humbly accepts had she qualified previously she would not of developed into the designer she is today. She continues to create form and substance in an unconventional manner, developing and building each look until perfected, and with stunning impact. I have never seen anything like her design aesthetic before and find her truly unique and an inspiration to work with. Palmer is one of many outstanding knitwear designers I admire and aspire to, and an excellent note towards knithead-nation's manifesto.

Hand-selected finalist, by this year's sole judge John Galliano, Palmer showcased 12 looks with an aesthetic inspired by fossils, bones and relics. Her visual research became modernised with an approach to Japanese architecture and colour palette blending in silver, midnight blue, petrol and ochre. Palmer has developed a knitting technique that pleats and drapes in an optical fashion, of which we like to say appears like velvet when the wearer is walking.

Alice Palmer's ingenious knitted-velvet garments were the first to grace the catwalk at The Flower Cellars in Convent Garden last Saturday evening. Make-up and hair were kept flawlessly minimal to allow Palmer's statement dresses to do all the talking.

Here are photographs taken by myself from the lookbook shoot:

And then some shots from backstage before the show. Unfortunately, advised not to take some happysnappy, paparazzi style shots of Galliano himself upon last minute inspection and final words with the Fashion Fringe 2010 finalists, but a lovely 'hello' was enough to alleviate. Besides Galliano's presence, and sheer contentment of the collection coming to life, there was the most incredible buzz and adrenaline rush backstage, especially for final model call. Fix up, look up sharp.

Post-show interview with Alice Palmer to follow soon.

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