Sunday, 26 September 2010

N.K.N - Ashish S/S 11

Red Indians, and Cowboys, and Sequins? OH MY!

The coolest collection of the day was inevitably brought to you by 'Sequin King' Ashish Gupta. This season he transported us to the Wild West with crease-washed denim, hand-painted cowboy boots and adornments of suede and leather fringing. Once more he sent out what appeared to be printed pieces but drenched in sequins, from covered cowboy shirts to tablecloth patterned ankle-length dresses. With an already signature sports aesthetic, he polished off his S/S 11 style with a street edge combining harem trousers and long shorts with crop tops and sports jackets. Keeping it cool, casual and almost I-borrowed-it-off-my-boyfriend chic. Each model had a headpiece including cowboy hats, trucker caps and bow and arrow style headdresses.

I've always thought using sequins can be risky, in my book you have to get the right consistency. Use subtly and it can be beautiful, but use too little and it can look tacky. Yet I've always preferred something absolutely covered in sequins than just a patch (Would you really wear a sequin-sneezed looking shirt? Really?) So you have no idea how much joy rained over my fashion world when Ashish pimped us out.

It's actually absurd how well these themes go together, and how easy Ashish makes it look. He has the ability of taking a simple staple and transforming it into a statement piece. Each girl was pumping out pure feel-good waves, strolling down the catwalk, and I was totally jealous. My patience on getting in to see the show allowed me to be hurriedly ushered up to the front-left standing corner space, lucky, no? Right where the models came out. It took all my strength to restrain myself from rugby-tackling the girl dressed in polka dot shorts then and there. They should be mine!

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