Monday, 11 October 2010

Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep ..Down Savile Row?

Sheep, glorious sheep!

Savile Row, acknowledged for it's elite craftsmanship and artistry of Great British bespoke tailoring, the Haute Couture of men's style and the spiritual home of the well-dressed gentleman, had an extra kick for the day as Exmoor Horns and Bowmonts from Wiltshire and Devon could be found grazing along Savile Row for the day for 'The Campaign for Wool' and it's special Field Day event for Wool Week.

"The Campaign for Wool is a five year campaign designed to demonstrate wool's natural, sustainable qualities and supreme versatility. Wool is an ingredient essential to the manufacture of fine wool apparel and behind every garment you will find Merino wool, a natural fibre offering an array of natural benefits, softness and comfort"

From sheepy shop windows to sleepy sheep dogs, I indulged in this one-off surreal central outing and did a few laps of the pop-up country stop.